Veria About Us

Who We Are

Veria Living is the leading media company devoted to showcasing wellness programming and related content in the United States and beyond. Spearheaded by its forward-thinking Veria Living TV and distribution platforms, the privately held company, based in New York City, offers the world’s largest lineup of new first-run, original programming – connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

The network is primarily available on DISH Network (Channel 218), Verizon FiOS (Channel 162) and Frontier Communications (Channel 162, and Cablevision (Channel 164). complements the network by extending the Veria Living philosophy through online recipes and nutrition, holistic health tips, body-mind conditioning and all-natural products. As a company, Veria Living Media passionately advocates or quality and vitality of life.

Our Manifesto

And breathe in… one… two… and…Sorry! May we interrupt this meditative moment to have a little chat about wellness?

We know what you think about wellness. Waterfalls and wind chimes. A $100/hour yoga instructor whispering into your ear.

We have a radically different take on the matter. The way we see it, feeling great is nothing to whisper about.

We believe the wellness journey should be joyful. Celebrated with fanfare, not pan flutes.

We believe there’s a seat for everyone where we’re going – regardless of schedule or income, or Eastern or Western- hop on board.

We believe we’ve just gotten started. We can’t wait to discover a million other ideas that profoundly affect our lives for the better.

We believe that navigating the gap between hype and truth is all part of the fun.

We believe that the messages of wellness – thousands of years old, yet more relevant than ever – can use a new messenger – a messenger with more substance, and more style. One who understands how to live well in today’s world.

So come with us. And between all the fun, the discoveries, the challenges and the “well, well” moments….don’t forget to exhale: One… two… three… Now, doesn’t that feel good?

Welcome to the alternative to conventional health and wellness. Welcome to Veria Living.

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