A Model Guru Healing Recipes Guide


Use these recipes by Yogi Cameron, star of A Model Guru, for some DIY healing of your own.

Episode 101
Aloe Vera Treatment For Psoriasis

Episode 102
Sweet Potato For Vata Grounding
Nikki’s Ghee And Milk Concoction For Boosting Immunity
Marma Massage Sandalwood Oil For Better Circulation

Episode 103 
Ginger Paste Treatment For Joint And Muscle Pain
Hot Sesame Oil Treatment For Muscle Pain
Mustard Oil Treatment For Muscle Pain

Episode 104
Herbal-Warm Milk Night Cap Drink For Insomnia

Episode 105
Turmeric/Ghee Digestive Drink
Coriander Tea To Ease Digestion
Vegetable Soup For Digestive Health
Organic  Zucchini  Salad  With Rice &  Dhal For Balancing Pita

Episode 106
Natural Toothpaste With Sesame Oil & Licorice
Sauteed Cauliflower For Better Kapha Digestion
Herbal Tea For Better Digestion/Excessive Kapha
Licorice Drink For The Common Cold
Ginger-Lemon Paste To Relieve Pitta Headache
Massage Oil Blend To Boost Energy

Episode 108
Anu Thailum For Allergy & Congestion Relief
Peas Pulao & Rice For Digestion & Congestion
Warm Salt Water Nasal Rinse For Congestion & Sinus Infection
Herbal Tea For Excessive Kapha And Not Enough Pitta

Episode 109
Sandalwood Oil Rub For Stress Relief 
Energizing Frankincense & Sesame Oil Blend For Anxiety Relief
Herbal Tea For High Blood Pressure & Excessive Pitta
Herbal Tea For Hyperthyroidism & Excessive Kapha
Ayurvedic Dal Recipe Good For All Doshas

Episode 110
Concentrated Oil Treatment For Stiffness & Vata Imbalance
Herbal Honey For Back Pain
Carrot  & Cheese Stew With Ghee  For Balancing Vata
Mustard Leaves & Sesame Oil For Vata Pain

Episode 111
Colon Cleansing Triphala Herbal Tea For Excessive Vata
Herbal Fruit Tea To Increase Pitta
Millet and Vegetables For Easy Digestion
Sesame Oil Treatment To Relieve Ligament Damage, Muscle Damage, Chronic Fatigue & Joint Pain

Episode 112
Karpasasthyadi Thailam Ear Treatment
Herbal Tea For Balancing Body
Soothing Jatamumsi Herbal Oil Massage

Episode 113
Pichu Migraine Treatment
Herbal Migraine Treatment
Shiro Basti Treatment For Pacifying Vata