Holistic Approach: Healthy Feet

Follow these simple steps. Your feet will thank you for it!

Clean: Wash your feet with soap every day, especially between the toes. Dry them completely. Change socks daily. Check your feet and legs often, and note any changes in nail color, nail thickness, and cracks or cuts in the skin. Make sure your shoes fit well and avoid walking barefoot. Use common sense and choose the right shoes for the right occasions (no flip-flops on long hikes, no running in badly padded sneakers!)

Diet: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise daily.

Pamper: Oil up your legs every day after bathing. Try almond oil, which both moisturizes your skin, and helps reduce pain and swelling after a long hard day. Indulge in pedicures twice a month and always keep your toenails trimmed.

Posture: Maintain good posture; hold your shoulders back and your back straight. This helps keep your weight distributed evenly, heel to toe.