Basic Henna Recipe



2 cups boiling water

6 teaspoons natural henna powder

2 teaspoons eucalyptus oil

4 bags black tea, or 4 tablespoons instant coffee


Take the hot water and pour it over the tea bags into a stain proof container, like a glass or steel bowl. (Don’t use wood, or any other container that the henna could stain.)

The tea bags give the henna a richer color. If you want it even darker, you can steep the tea bags for a couple minutes, or use instant coffee for the darkest henna blend.

Now stir in the henna powder and then the eucalyptus oil.

Stir together. You’re looking for a thick paste, like raw cooking dough. Make sure there are no clumps of dry henna.

To apply the henna: Wearing rubber gloves, apply the henna paste to freshly washed, damp hair in sections. Be careful to avoid the skin on your forehead and hairline, or apply petroleum jelly to the skin first to protect it from staining.

Leave the henna on as long as you wish—anywhere from 1-8 hours, depending on how red you want it to be. (As you’re waiting, you can rinse off a small piece at a time to see where the color is.)