George Clooney Shows CBS Whats Inside His Fridge (video)


As we live in a celebrity obsessed society it is no wonder that CBS has revived the old TV show Person-to-Person. Billed as an “intimate interview” format one segment showcased uber-star Geroge Clooney in his Studio City home.

We didn’t really learn anything new about George Clooney (his consistent charm is his armour against the public) but we did get a peak at what is inside his refrigerator.

George Clooney, it seems has decided to embrace eating healthy at least judging by the contents of his fridge. Indeed, he said as much to CBS hosts Charlie Rose and Lara Logan. Clooney told CBS that his new year’s resolution was to eat healthy and so he has a food professional prepare him lots of salads and juices, and he is laying off the booze.

In fact, George Clooney admitted to going on a “cleanse” which he said was “great”.

Finally, the folks who own Organic Life Vitamins must be thanking there lucky stars. As the camera pans through George Clooney’s Fridge there is a clear shot of the Organic Life Vitamin bottle – nothing like an unspoken, casual celebrity endorsement – especially from George Clooney, or to be more precise George Clooney’s Fridge.

CBS Person-to-Person Video Interview With George Clooney