Parenting QA: How Do I Keep My Children In Their Own Beds At Night?


by Veria Living Expert: Nancy Massotto


How do I keep my children in their own beds at night?  They wake up every evening and come into our rooms and bed.


Keeping your children in their own beds can depend upon many factors, including their ages, whether or not you shared sleep with them at younger ages, and their individual levels of emotional maturity.  There are some simple things you might try if their bed sharing is disruptive for you or your partner. You could set up a special place – a small mattress, sleeping bag, or futon – where they are welcome to join you when the need arises.  Or if their joining you during the night is keeping you awake, you might establish a rule that they cannot join you until daylight or perhaps only on weekends.  You might see if having siblings share a room is more conducive to staying put or setting aside special toys or activities that can only be used early in the morning in their own room.  Ironically, as they get older it will be getting them out of bed at all that will be the concern!

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