About Rock Your Yoga

In Rock Your Yoga, Sadie Nardini brings her cool, accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools to a yoga series like no other. The daily morning show combines everyday yoga practice, alignment tips, solutions for common ailments, nutrition tips and action steps to bring the yoga lifestyle to everyday living.

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Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini is a fabulous, fierce and fit Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert.

Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and a dynamic self-empowerment speaker, Sadie helps real people transform real-world challenges.

As a teen, Sadie suffered from an un-definitively diagnosed central nervous system illness that left her nearly paralyzed. Using yoga, diet and a focused mind she conquered the disease that doctors told her she was unlikely to heal from.

Her humor and magnetic personality compliment her 20 years of study in yoga, energetics, Eastern and Western philosophy, nutrition, anatomy and Ninja training, culminating in a conscious fitness program with a Live-out-Loud lifestyle that attracts followers of all types – while having a rockin’ good time.

Regularly appearing in Elle, Glamour, Self, the New York Times, CNN and Yoga Journal, Sadie has written two life-shifting books, The Road Trip Guide To The Soul (Wiley, 2008) and Core Strength (Random House 2013).


3 Surprising Things About Me:
1. My first job was de-tassling corn in Iowa. That, and Dairy Queen. I still love my Peanut Buster Parfaits (once in a great while)!

2. I have a dual degree in Journalism and 16th-century French Literature, meaning that I could probably order for the table at a French restaurant … and write a review of it too.

3. I’m studying to become a Ninja. Slowly but surely, I’ll earn those split-toed shoes.

5 Things I Can’t Live Without:
1. Baby food smoothies. They’re organic, chock full of vitamins, a quick grab from fridge to purse–and under 100 calories! I haven’t worked up to the Pumpkin or Broccoli yet, but the Mango, Spinach and Apple is fabulous.

2. Gluten-free everything. I was diagnosed as Gluten-intolerant (Celiac) years ago, and as an Italian girl, without rice-flour pasta and pizza dough, I would be a goner.

3. My yoga practice. It keeps me sane, slim and self-expressive. Without it, I shudder to think of what my body, mind and life would have become.

4. Vitamin D. Though I’m as pale as they come, I do require the sun to be happy. My first choice: Mexico. Or, any beautiful beach. Whenever I need to recharge, I take a personal week and go seek the sun. If that’s not an option, a daily walk outside, soaking in the D as I TCB (take care of business) will have to do.

5. Hot baths. My cedar wood, freestanding wooden bathtub is my personal oasis. I collect bath salts, bubbles and fun soaps so I can enjoy a moment to ease my yoga-sore muscles and my worried mind. Even when I don’t have time, I make time. One good bath can drain it all away.