About Simply Beautiful

Our mothers and grandmothers have been telling us all our lives: beauty is more than skin deep. Now Roni Proter proves it by showing us how to be beautiful, naturally, as she explores healthy alternatives in the world of beauty, fashion and fitness.

Roni Proter

Roni Proter

Roni Proter began her broadcasting career in a small Texas town as a news reporter for an NBC affiliate where she shot, wrote and edited her own stories.

Roni continued TV reporting and anchoring for several news stations, including some within the Dallas market, covering a variety of stories, breaking news and in-depth features. Roni then began hosting and producing Metroscene TV, an urban lifestyle show highlighting downtown living and culture.

Roni’s new show, “Simply Beautiful,” allows her to use her previous journalism skills to uncover the secrets to natural beauty. Her fascination and passion for the subject were sparked during college, when she taught yoga and kickboxing. Teaching others and continuing her own education have helped Roni make fitness and health an integral part of who she is.  On “Simply Beautiful,” her quest is to find natural beauty through emerging products, earth-friendly fashions and an active, healthy lifestyle. The show aired nationally in spring 2007 on Veria TV.

When she’s not working, Roni can usually be found in her kitchen, cooking!  She also enjoys traveling,


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