About The Incurables

What would you do if your doctor told you there was no cure for your illness? Three words: never give up. Follow the real-life inspiring stories of people who beat the odds, turning to alternative methods to heal from their chronic, often life-threatening illness.



Recording artist and songwriter Jewel, host of The Incurables, knows a little something about natural living. As a child she and her family lived in Alaska far from any city, with no running water, coal for heat and food that they hunted, fished or grew themselves.

She founded Project Clean Water, an initiative that brings safe potable water to those in need, after she experienced first-hand problems from lack of it. When she was 18, Jewel was homeless and living in her car. She fell ill with severe kidney problems because she had no safe water to drink.

Jewel lives on a ranch with her husband and son.