About What Happens Next?

What goes on in our bodies after we smoke a cigarette?

Dr. Keller Wortham

Dr. Keller Wortham

Dr. Keller Wortham is relatively new to television and very excited to be hosting What Happens Next, which examines what happens to the body physiologically after various scenarios. Dr. Wortham works in the Los Angeles area as a primary care physician at a family practice that specializes in seeking out naturopathic, holistic, and preventative measures to treat illness.

Some of the special treatments he provides include chelation and prolotherapy. Dr. Wortham also spent several years treating the homeless and indigent populations at free clinics in the urban areas of downtown and east Los Angeles.

Dr. Wortham trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his M.D. from Georgetown University, and his undergraduate degree at Duke University. In addition to medicine, Dr. Wortham loves to travel.

He has been to more than 40 countries, examining different medical practices on his trips. He has worked in medical facilities in countries such as Spain, China and Ecuador. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese. Dr. Wortham has also played several medically oriented parts on television shows such as Untold Stories from the E.R. and L.A. Forensics.




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