Healthy Home



Tips for a Healthy Home

          • For a mold clean-up protocol, see below, after this section.

          • Providing adequate runoff for rooftop rainwater takes care of 90% of mold problems in a basement. Keep rain gutters clear of debris and downspouts in good working order. Make sure downspout extenders end at least several feet away from the foundation so that rainwater does not pool near the foundation.

          • Berm (or slope) the earth that is around the house so that there is at least a 5-10 degree slope for rainwater to drain away, not towards, the foundation.

          • If the ground around your house generally slopes toward your foundation on any side, install drain tile under the soil to carry excess rainwater away.

          • Don’t let a sprinkler spray directly against the side of the house.

          • Plant your flowerbeds and shrubs somewhat away from the house if you water them regularly.

          • In warmer weather, increase cross ventilation to the outdoors from your basement or crawl space.

          • In the winter, keep the basement or crawl space warmer than the temperature of the soil on the other side of the foundation or the crawl space stem wall, which is usually 55-60 degrees F. below frost line. This avoids condensation from forming on the inside of the stem wall.