Model Guru Yogi Cameron Presents “The One Plan”


The One Plan by Yogi Cameron

In a revolutionary new program, Yogi Cameron Alborzian presents an antidote to the typical New Year-New You offerings. Why do we shortchange our lives and happiness by going for the quick-fix gimmicks that crowd the shelves each January? Rather than yet another 30-day program, Yogi Cameron speaks to those who are truly looking to make a lifelong, lasting change in their health and happiness.

Over 2,000 years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali compiled what we now know today as The Yoga Sutras, a concise text that forms the basis of everything we know today about the philosophy of Yoga. In The One Plan, Yogi Cameron lays out a 52-week structure based on Patanjali’s message as well as the ancient medical system of Ayurveda; it delivers the proven authenticity of an ancient path but has been adapted to take your life in the modern world into account.

As a practical and accessible guide to help you improve your life, The One Plan will provide you with specific exercises and regimens for crafting an effective daily routine; tips and reminders to become truly grounded in that routine; real-life stories and inspiration; practical tools for responding to life’s inevitable struggles and setbacks; and even a section on eating the Ayurveda way. By following The One Plan, you will live a life of health, balance, and purpose.

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