Holistic Approach: Stand Up Straight to Feel Great!

Good posture can actually improve your mood. When you slouch, your digestive tract slows down, producing feelings of discomfort and sluggishness. It’s no secret that good posture results in physical benefits, but it offers psychological benefits as well. Standing up straight and looking up promotes feelings of confidence and vitality. For five days take a 10-minute walk each morning. On your walk, pay special attention to your posture. Walk as if you’re the most powerful and joyful person in the world. You will feel the psychological effect almost immediately.
Six Steps to Perfect Posture:
1. Pull your shoulders back slightly and let them drop, down and away from your ears.
2. Lift your chest up and out.
3. Pull your head back just enough to keep it aligned with your spine.
4. Pull your belly button toward your spine.
5. Bring your feet parallel (not turned out or in) about hip width apart.
6. Place your hands on your hips and tuck your tailbone slightly until your pelvis is directly over your thighs.