Jeremy Lin Does Yoga: New York Knicks Point Guard Diet and Workout Routine


Every step he takes, every move he makes, people are watching Jeremy Lin.

The New York Knicks point guard went from obscurity to constant scrutiny after his recent breakout, leading the Knicks on their  current winning streak in the NBA.

So, it should come as no surprise that the fact that “Jeremy Lin does yoga” is making news – albeit minor news as far as the Jeremy Lin is concerned but big news for yoga and basketball  fans. Apparently, Jeremy Lin practices yoga because it keeps him flexible and helps ward off injuries.

Diets in Review is reporting that besides Yoga, the workout routine for Jeremy Lin empahsizes agility, lateral movements, and vertical leaping. “He reportedly works out with Phil Wagner of Sparta Science and E.J. Costello. Lin follows a weight training program that builds endurance without adding bulk. “It’s all based on increasing my lateral speed, my agility, and my vertical,” says Lin.”

Lin relies on a a diet that’s protein heavy and vitamin rich to fuel his workouts. “His goal is to consume 205 grams of protein and eight servings of veggies per day, plus five bottles of water.”

It’s no doubt his intense off-season training has brought about the noticeable improvements in Lin’s post-season playing for the Knicks. “He uses his body really well,” Costello said. “His upper body has gotten so much better and stronger, and his ability to control his body really speaks to what we did in the offseason.”

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