Jimmy Fallon vs Michelle Obama Video: Who Is The Better Athlete?


Late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon took-on the First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama in a head-to-head athletic competition events at The White House, recently.


Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon

The goal of the Jimmy Fallon White House visit was to help promote Let’s Move – an inititiave launched by The Frist Lady to help encourage kids to follow an active, healthy life.

If you suspected that Michelle Obama kicked the dimunitive derriere of Jimmy Fallon, you are correct. Who won the push up competition between Obama and Fallon? hands down Michelle Obama won; the tug-of-war competion? Well, Obama had some help; Dodge ball-  yup Jimmy Fallon lost that too; and the  fianle, the potato sack race betweeen Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon, well it was a photo finish but watch the video and judge for yourself.

Michelle Obama vs Jimmy Fallon Video