Meet The Veria Voices


We’re super excited to share with you something new from Veria Living called, Veria Voices.

Veria Voices is our way of  introducing you to the top experts in health and wellness that we think you should know about. From food to fitness, eco-living to active travel, our Voices have a unique point of view while sharing your beliefs in holistic health.

To help you get to know them, we’ll be sharing new videos from each our six Voices every week that will uncover their stories and offer up their best tips for you. And …

There’s Also Something In It For You!

Surprise! We asked the Veria Voices to select prizes just for you. From Whole Foods, to Lulumeon, to the buzzed-about Blue Print Cleanse, these hand-picked prizes are some of our Voices favorite things. It’s our way of celebrating them — and their way of helping you kick-start your healthy lifestyle. (Scroll down to find out how to enter the sweepstakes to win these prizes.)

Where Do I Find The Veria Voices? 

Visit our new Veria Voices section to watch their videos and get to know them. And be sure to leave a comment below the videos to let us know what you think!

Meet The Voices   

  1. Meet Bex: This mother of four and fitness and yoga instructor is also a backyard farmer whose sons’ health was the inspiration for her to start living a healthier life.



  2. Meet Diane: This author and podcaster changed her health habits through a commitment to holistic nutrition.



  3. Meet Lindsay: As the Managing Editor for, Lindsay became a voice for the planet’s health after recovering from an eating disorder.


  4. Meet Matt: After travelling through South America and Africa, Matt founded his online travel magazine, The Expeditioner to inspire others to explore other cultures.



  5. Meet Max: An organic food activist, Max believes in the importance of organic food, Proposition 37 and making the US aware of these critical food issues.



  6. Meet Noelle: An athlete and personal trainer, Noelle believes that making a healthy lifestyle change can start with baby steps.




Sweepstakes Entry Details:

  • To enter, submit your email in the box next to each Voice’s featured video.
  • You can enter your email 6 times per day — once for each Voice’s prize, to increase your chances of winning.
  • Only one entry allowed per Voice, per day.
  • Only one prize allowed per winner.