Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Oz And The Daniel Plan Diet


He is the author of the best selling book The Purpose Driven Life, now Pastor Rick Warren is focusing on the purpose driven diet, teaming up with Dr. Oz to create The Daniel Plan .

The Daniel Plan is a free online diet and health resource for people who want to lose weight. It combines healthy eating, with exercise, the common sense stuff that medical doctors like Dr. Oz are promoting.

Rick Warren and his weight loss plan delivered remarkable results. The 295 pound Warren lost 60 pounds in 2011 and wants to lose another 30 pounds in 2012.

USA Today writers “ Warren, 58, says that with the plan, “we were trying to get people to eat healthier, fresher and more natural foods. The line we use is: ‘If it grows on a plant, it’s healthy. If it’s made in a plant, don’t eat it.’ My rule is no snacks, no sweets, no seconds.”  Several thousand members of his flock, as well as other people who have joined the program online, have lost a total of more than 250,000 pounds since January 2011, Warren says. The plan was created with help from three doctors who have written books, including diet books: Mark Hyman, Daniel Amen and Mehmet Oz.”

For Pastor Rick Warren that is one of the unique features of The Daniel Plan is the fact that it harnesses the collective power of the congregration – small groups within chruches support, encourage and hold each other accountable for their weight loss goals.

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