Plus Size Model Magazine | Controversial Nude Photos of model Katya Zharkova


Plus Size Magazine challenges assumptions of beauty with nude photo spread.

The images of two nude models Plus Size Magazine, one “runway” thin, the other plus sized is compelling and startling at the same time. Plus size model Katya Zharkova’s shapely figure is a sharp contrast to the more conventional, thin model (see below)

Plus Size Magazine Nude Photospread 

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Just as compelling as the images, and more perhaps more importantly, is the text that accompanies the photos. The captions and accompanying editorial challenge the fashion and retail industry to stop spinning the fantasy that all women are thin, and that thinness equals health. Some of the points the editorial makes include;

  • Most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.
  •  50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but most standard clothing outlets cater to sizes 14 or smaller


Girl Model, The Movie

The editor-in-chief of Plus Size Magazine writes :

“We are bombarded with weight-loss ads every single day, multiple times a day because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat. Not everyone is meant to be skinny, our bodies are beautiful and we are not talking about health here because not every skinny person is healthy.

What we desire is equality to shop and have fashion options just like smaller women. Small women cannot be marketed to with pictures of plus-size women, why are we expected to respond to pictures of small size 6 and 8 women? We don’t!”

The article and response to it has spread on Twitter and Facebook, with well over 230 comments on the Plus Size Model Magazine Blog. 

The comments are wide ranging with some people writing that fat people should just lose weight. Other commentators write about the dfficulty of finding decent, fashionable plus size clothes for women.  ”I have a decent job and life and I want to dress like I give a tootie about myself. It is very hard to find clothes over size 14 that don’t make me look like I escaped from the circus or belong in a nursing home,” writes one commentator.

Another commentator writes   “This article is fantastic and you are disrespecting the author with your infantile behavior. In the fashion industry, we need to have more realistic models. End of story. There need to be fat models, skinny models, athletic models, handicapped models, trans models, average models, and everything in between. Our world is diverse. So is our fashion. Shouldn’t the models be?”