Yoga for Beginners: Warrior One Pose


Warrior One Pose

Warrior One is a standing pose that increases stamina, improves balance, strengthens legs and stretches shoulders and arms. Practice this pose every morning to keep your body strong and your mind focused and calm. Regular practice of this yogic position can help you overcome anxiety, stress and insomnia, and it’s  great pose for beginners.


Move your legs apart into a comfortable straddle.

Inhale and rotate your body at the waist so that you are looking over your right foot. Point the right foot.

Exhale and point your back foot so it is slightly behind you and diagonal from your front foot.

Move your back foot forward enough so that your hips are parallel and facing forward.

Inhale and place your hands on your hips and bend your right knee until the knee is directly over the foot.

Exhale and rotate your pelvis under your body so that your tailbone is pointing down toward the ground.

Inhale and lift both your arms straight upward, maintaining a slight bend in the elbow, palms facing inward and fingers outstretched.

Refrain from raising your shoulders with your arms. Point your chin up as much as is comfortable.

Push your energy down out of your feet and up out of your hands. Continue breathing deeply and hold the pose for 3-5 breaths.

Come out of the pose by stepping forward with your back foot and stretching your arms out and back down to your sides.