Yoga for Kids: Big Benefits for Little Ones

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Teaching your kids about a healthy lifestyle should start at an early age. Parents don’t often think about introducing yoga to their kids and that’s unfortunate because yoga has a lot of benefits for children.

If you’re not too familiar with yoga, consider enrolling your child in a class. Doing so will help your kids grow up strong and confident!

General Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Through yoga, kids can improve their body and mind connection. Your child will grow up to be conscious of his or her health and general wellbeing. Living a healthy lifestyle, when learned at an early age, offers many advantages. Who doesn’t want a healthy and fit kid?

When a child is into yoga, he or she is taught to see the light and beauty from within. Your child will become more confident and develop the needed skills to achieve overall wellness and optimum health.

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The Specifics

Food alone can’t provide the body with all its essential nutrients. Yoga – along with a balanced diet – is good for the mind, body and spirit.

  • Mind: Yoga clears and calms the mind and is a stress and tension reliever. Practicing enhances attention span, focus and concentration, and stimulates responsiveness. It promotes memory, expands creativity, and makes you more mindful in your words, actions and thoughts. Yoga also balances energy.
  • Body: As a fitness activity, yoga aids in neuromuscular and vestibular system development and contributes to a flexible and strong body. It enhances coordination, awareness, and body balance while also improving posture by developing core strength. Yoga nurtures a strong immune system and improves bowel movement, circulation and digestion. People who practice yoga enjoy better sleep and relaxation.
  • Spirit: Developing your yoga skills builds self-esteem and confidence because it supports emotional intelligence and character development. Practicing in a group setting enhances social interaction and team skills. Children learn about self-control and discipline while upholding self-expression and individuality. Yoga inspires self-respect and respect for others and it encourages environmental and social awareness.

Yoga is especially helpful for children with developmental disorders like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. Even kids with ADHD and other learning disabilities have found great success in yoga.

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Children posses one major advantage over adults in their yoga practice – they are much more flexible! So learning the poses and yoga techniques will be easy and fun. Before you decide on a yoga class, check on the instructor’s related background and knowledge. You can help your children achieve their dreams through yoga. And remember – it’s great for adults, too. If you are stressed or prone to anxiety and depression, consider taking yoga lessons.

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